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Venome Acid & C Serum — intensely regene- rating nourishing complex with antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients, synergistically supporting natural regeneration and stimu- lation, which helps make the skin denser and velvety texture, the serum absorbs quickly, leaving the skin radiant and moisturized.

The serum contains an innovative form of vitamin C at the highest, 20% concentration. This form of vitamin C is the most efficient, highly stable, and does not cause irritation.

Furthermore, it can effectively penetrate the epidermis. Vitamin C is an extremely im- portant component for the , which is why it is crucial to ensure its adequate daily supply. Owing to the use of ethyl ascorbic acid, the product can stay in the skin longer, boosting its regenerative potential and ensuring better pro- tection. Regularly used over longer periods of time, the product helps the skin restore the right density of firmness. 

Owing to the content of ferulic acid, with extremely powerful antioxidant properties and the capacity to reduce discoloration, the product , helping reduce hyperpigmentation and giving the skin an even tone. Ferulic acid also effectively minimizes the amount of free radicals which are responsible for damaging protein struc- tures. The product also demonstrates , accelerating healing processes in the skin.


Venome Unique Cream — a versatile and light concentra- ted nourishing cream that helps , providing a long-lasting mo- isturizing effect and protection, crucial for counteracting and re- ducing visible skin aging signs.

The unique formula of the pro- duct, based on ingredients that eliminate NMF as well as cholesterol, and musk rose oil, effectively soothes ir- ritations and reduces erythema and redness.

Unique Cream contains highly concentrated musk rose oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid) — the components of cellular cement that help improve and protect the skin against transepidermal wa- ter loss (TEWL), leaving it deeply hydrated, soft, and smooth. What is more, rose oil is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins Eand A, and thus effectively counteracts free radicals, slowing down the progression of skin aging and boosting tissue regenera- hyaluronic acid and squalene intensely moisturizes the epidermis and protects it aga- inst adverse environmental factors.

The product also contains cholesterol, which is naturally found in human skin lipids, and thus effectively strengthens the integrity of the epidermis and takes part in the restora- . Over time, the amount of cholesterol in our bodies goes down, which causes the skin to become drier and more prone to irritations. This is why it is vital to eliminate the of this ingredient through proper daily skin care routine.


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